Just for fun. Nothing better to do, and the man plain cracks me up almost every time. He’s good at what he does. Maybe I can make something funny and/or insightful out of it all.

We begin. Well, within 15-20 minutes or so. Right this second, there seems to be a nontroversy about God going on…all I can say to save some of your time is, “I don’t care.” And disengage. Now I’m watching MSNBC, because I feel like hearing something I want to. Plus the Big Dog can Eat. First, and most. In a lot of ways, he’s my favorite living POTUS, including when he was POTUS. Full disclosure: I don’t care who blows him.

7:00: Chuck Todd on MSNBC, blowing MSNBC. (Existential question: What’s the difference between a real blow job and a metaphorical one?)

I hate C. Todd. Just not personally. He just did some numbers for the most part this time. Whitey against non-whitey stuff. Secretly hilarious poll data.

Big Dog probably not on until 8:00 CDST. Back then.

7:57: Apparent that WJC won’t be on for a while. Sudden question of whether or not I can stay awake through the bullshit, though the Sister got on it and spoke to it, for me anyway. Spiritually speaking.

8:20: *yawn*

8:23: *YAWN*

Mayor of LA boring me. TV boring me. Must…hang…on. Warren first. triple *YAWN*

8:47: Endurance contest now.

Shorter WJC:




Well, I can’t do it. Too tired. I’ll watch it in bed if it’s compelling enough.