Well, Obama’s Fall Strategy* if I were a part of the campaign:

I would mobilize the youth vote with ads hitting hard the abortion thing, gay marriage, and the MJ laws. Starting about two weeks before the election, to accommodate the collective attention span of this demographic, and to save money. Culture issues on the front burner, which favor the youth in Dem terms. (Full disclosure: I hate the Dems. Just less.)

I’m fully aware the abortion issue isn’t a necessary political winner amongst the youngsters, but the rape and incest parts sure are.  Easy tagline to a 15 second spot quoting the GOP platform position on abortion, followed by the voice over man saying right there at the end, “Imagine if it was YOUR daughter, sister, or mother. Whose choice is it?”

As for MJ laws, no more needs be said than, “Duh.” Imaginary spot closing: “Imagine if everyone YOU KNEW who used MJ was in jail.”

This is not hard.

Just for the record, I think Obama will publicly take the MJ issue out of the ol’ pocket BEFORE the election. He’d be stupid not to. Public opinion can be led. And he’s got a personal story to tell, which he’s very good at.

*Update: Part of Obama’s Fall strategy.