Andrew argues that the occupy Wall St. folks aren’t going away, and even agrees to cough his fair share up in what I consider an accurate analysis.

I fear, however, that The Man has already consolidated too much power. The protestors will be worn out by the unending barrage of anti-protest spin from our Corporate Millionaire whores in the mainstream media, surely knowing who butters their bread, as it were; bereft as the OWS folks are of their own corporate media channel; winter, and most of all, an inability to move the chains within the attention span of your average American, as we say in (American) football. There are new TV shows to watch.

I just don’t see a happy ending here, w/r/t the OWS movement, or the country at large. We’ll be in gated, moated, heavily guarded communities first, at least the few who can afford it will. The rest of us will be “free market.” Free range. Free agent. IOW, with lots of time on our hands.

Security services seem like a very good long term investment to me.