The latest Chart of the Day from Andrew.

Dr. Assisted Suicide: This one would really depend on how the question was asked. “Is Dr. assisted suicide morally acceptable or not?” is a lot different than, “Whom, other than God, should be in charge of your own death?” And in my opinion they both get to the same answer, but the latter way of asking it is more likely to elicit a more visceral and real response. What about when it’s you?

Pornography: 30% “morally acceptable.” LOL. I guess that 30% is spending most of their disposable income on porn. The stat doesn’t pass the smell test of “do what I say not what I do.” As compared to gambling…

…which came in at a robust +33 morally all right. Still way behind divorce, which has to be OK since everyone likes someone who’s actually divorced. Say, my mother. (And re-married for near 50 years!)

The death penalty’s whopping (well over) 2-1 margin (combined with all the sexual prudery numbers) shows us that people sure don’t have much faith in their particular deity. We don’t want to let God sort those out. A funny hedge.

My favorites were the bottom two in terms of acceptance, morally. 91% think affairs are wrong, you can’t get that kind of consensus on where the sun rises in this country, yet the most conservative estimates available tell us that at LEAST 20% of married people are having or have had affairs.

(“Guilt is our way of making ourselves feel better about values we do not really have.”
—Dr. Harry Carson)

And finally, polygamy. The horror! Brad Pitt, Angelina and Jennifer agree to a polygamous committed three-way relationship and *I’M* going to tell them they’re depraved for it? Who TF am I to make that judgement?

A huge chunk of the country behaves polygamously, but hates themselves for it. This amuses me. I’ll bet there are as many swingers as there are people who “approve” of cheating. Of course, the chart doesn’t make that distinction–is swinging cheating?–and we (well, I, since I was too lazy to check) don’t know how the question was framed.

I’ve never been in a polygamous relationship, but on a practical level they sure sound appealing. Consistent reliable child care, two incomes with someone watching the kids (rotate!), someone to shop or watch sports with when one of others would rather not, a higher degree of sexual variety, a more enriched interpersonal emotionally intimate life: more shared interests to be taken advantage of, more complexity and yes, difficulty.

In the end, though, I’m constantly amazed about how many people “disapprove” of others’ actions, and their lack of consistency on moral grounds. It is infinitely un-self aware. Suicide is bad but the death penalty is good? It’s OK to kill anyone but yourself?

We are doomed.