I’m glad the guy is dead. I don’t think it will change much in terms of any practical realities. I’m enough of an agnostic to wish he’d been tortured first, as against torture as I am, since I can make my own exemptions and the guy was a self-admitted mass murderer.

I’m awed by the bad-asses that pulled this off. Remind me not to get a Special Forces person mad at me, and let us try not to forget the analyst who first looked at the compound and said, “Hmmm..” There exists such a person, I’d bet.

I would be surprised if we actually dumped the body at sea this fast.

Pretty bad week for Donald Trump. But that’s just funny to me. His wasn’t as bad as bin Laden’s.

Pretty weird week for the POTUS. Good poker player, like they have to be. Tough call politically, too, since if it goes bad, OBL isn’t there and a bunch of guys get killed, he’s (the POTUS) Jimmy Carter.

Zawahiri, that sound you hear doesn’t make you a paranoid. And fuck you, too, Doctor.

From what I can gather, Pakistan is not helping very much.

Update: I can’t think of anything about this that wasn’t beautifully executed, including the politics of it. It was risky to the soldiers but politically necessary for a body to be found, given the birther streak in some people. It was not communicated to the Pakistanis, clearly. Now the body is “gone,” oh, sorry, so no memorial of remains.

Being critical of any of this is very revealing of bias.