…on how the Right has completely dominated the political debate over the last 40 years.

We’ve elected a moderate Republican, dressed nattily as a DFH/war monger, odd that, and the bugfuck-insane 27% can’t deal with the fact he’s an American. The debate has been moved so far right there are drop cases who think Obama is a socialist. And they have a voice on a major news network, the most major.

I haven’t posted much on politics lately, because politics makes me want to kill myself over the stupidity and waste, but more than anything the ignorance in the general electorate’s spiritual and intellectual realms of existence.

Tip o’ the hat to Joe Klein, for whom I have great periodic contempt, but also great periodic respect, because old Joe has been visibly moved by the new media, i.e., feedback and facts. Blogs have made him better.