He’s coming up on 15 months now and he’s a handful. I don’t like having a dog that needs to be leashed, and he still does.

Oh, he’ll play nice 80-90% of the time and stick with me. But when he gets a wild hair, he’s off, keeps his eyes on me in general, but gets himself in places I don’t want him going. The recall command is a tough one.

He remains A+ on the social side, the boy is just wonderful with other humans and critters. He’s a cute guard dog and unabashed scavenger with a rock-solid GI tract. He’ll play as rough as you want, but never further. He submits when appropriate.

A bit of a shedder. I sometimes describe my house decor as, “Early Fur.”

But mostly he’s awfully happy to see me when I come home, even if I just go out and get the mail, and that’s just gotta be a genuinely healthy thing.