Not really, not even in the blog-sense, like anyone cares about the latter.

Though if I ever take myself out too early (and I’ve no plans to) it won’t be because I’m a long-diagnosed chronic depressive, it will be because I’m an asshole, and I’m a truly world class asshole when I’ve been hurt, because I literally do not seem to care who gets hurt nor how badly right along with me. Anyone near the perp is just potential collateral damage. It is horrible and on the verge of Evil. I have a pretty good sense of people (because I love them, of course), and the capacity to take their greatest vulnerabilities and just step on said vulnerabilities’ necks. It’s fucking charming, for sure.

So it would be a favor to some, and a grand apology. A matter of honor.

Over the last few years I’ve had some serious challenges to a lifetime’s worth of belief. Things sure have been weird.

It’s a good thing I’m merely self-flagellating over what could be an all-time low in terms of self-esteem, and not actually depressed.