My almost 3-year old Mac had a bad “N” key, so I took it in for a look-see.

They said they would order the part, maybe they’d have it by tomorrow (Tuesday) and that it would take 5-7 days to fix, but that I would get a whole new keyboard out of it.

Now, I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to take more than a couple hours to replace an entire keyboard, but I sucked it up emotionally and figured out a way to get by without my computer for a week.

They called tonight and said to bring it in now, and an hour later it was fixed. And, like new tires on your car, you don’t really understand a shitty keyboard until you have a new one.

Why can’t car dealers/servicers do this? It’s not rocket science. Promise low, deliver high. I’ll deal with it if you tell me it is going to take a month or two, honest. Just don’t give me a date-certain and miss it.

MBA not required.