A very powerful and sad moment for me:

I heard “Knights in White Satin” spinning around the radio in the car yesterday, which was “our song” in H.S. My very first true love. She dumped me just about exactly 33 years ago today (it’s a parlor trick; the date is very easy to remember for several reasons). I enjoyed a good laugh with myself, and wished her well. Hadn’t seen her in 32 years.

So I googled her later and this is what I found. I had heard she was in Holland.

She was as good a person as I’ve ever known; her parents were kind and generous with me, her life turned out exactly, it would seem, as I figured it would, save the ending. I had small dreams of seeing her again for whatever reason for as long as I can remember. She broke my heart and it didn’t matter to me in terms other than loss. I was crazy about her, as we are with our first true loves, and with good reason.

Wish her loved ones well. She was one of the good guys. Ouch.