Not much to say lately.

Things I’m interested in now: My dog, the Blackhawks, my job, neighborhood, friends and family.

People. Community.

Things from which I’ve managed emotionally to create a somewhat dispassionate distance: The bad parts of my job, stupid interpersonal conflict or weakness, news about something happening dimensions from my influence, sudden death (not the sports kind), and jeez, I’m almost a year Gasbag-TV clean and sober.

Things still generally kicking ass: Steve Benen, John Cole and Co., Digby, the wonderfully cathartic folks at Sadly, No!, TBogg, etc. on the blog front (there’s clearly a subset of us that read all of them and others, apologies to those), the Blackhawks, two very intriguing women in my life (both comfortably unavailable for wildly different reasons; mustn’t lose our heads), my dog, my friends and family.

Things that suck: That AZ law about show me your papers. The GOP. Wall St. The Catholic Church’s pedophilia farm team. The corporate media. Incompetent Democrats. Bought and paid for Democrats. Useless leadership. Forgotten soldiers. Dirty energy. Poverty. Organized religion with any more dogma than your average Unitarian.

Things that have caused all Suck for all of history: The Man.

Things have been great.