I cannot believe that Obama has failed to come out and publicly throw down with the teabaggers on Wall St. reform.

GOP elected officials could possibly be PPV material crapping their pants. CSPAN could go viral.

The GOP establishment may not want Wall St. reform, but a shitload of the GOP base does. And that doesn’t include about 80% of the Dems and Independents who salivate to see those rapists get a taste of their own.

Now, IF they have this card in their collective pockets for Nov., I agree this isn’t the right time to drop it. I just want to make sure they get it, politically.

“Now, here’s something the Teabag movement and I agree on: Wall St. needs a spanking…but Wall St. OWNS THE PLACE, so unless both right and left make their voices heard…”

A true no-brainer.

(He said, nobody listening.)