And God told me that Joe the not-Plumber is a dick.

Update: You know what, JTP? FU. You don’t represent “real America,” I do. Mostly because I’m not a complete fucking drop case, since I borrowed my way into at least leaving some light visible via my asshole in terms of understanding that everyone’s God seems to agree with them, and it is fantastically doltish not because you’re there; that’s all unfixable as Ron White says, but in your ability not to be able to SEE that people’s Invisible Sky Wizards for some strange reason tend to agree with the individual giving their ISW take on things like, say, when they’re flying commercial planes into buildings. You ARE real America, I take it back. The beautifully correlated lines of lack of education and intelligence, plus not caring about actually knowing anything, putting you at an unfortunate (but proud!) place in the upper-right hand corner of the national Bell Curve of the ignorant and proud, plus suddenly 15 minutes famous kind. Equals JTP.

And I would be remiss if I forgot to give a big ‘ol FU to the great state of Arizona’s Sr. Senator, for introducing to us the MILFY and Mean Girl SP, plus JTP.

I’ll even give Joe a lot of sincere credit for actually recognizing that McCain used him, “duh” that this epiphany is.

History is not going to judge you kindly, Senator McCain.