It’s giving me the creeps.

All the rich, famous, and powerful get together, and I quote, “get to act like normal human beings,” “standing in lines for coffee,” experience the horrible inconvenience of actually waiting for something, or not having to save the world in the public sphere, in an idyllic perfect place in a bit of a socialist paradise. Deciding how to make my life better.

I have an idea. Try to stop killing each other over millenium-long family tribal disputes, and if you have wealth, try to spread it around to people who don’t. Leave me the fuck alone if no public interest is involved. Teach your Invisible Sky Wizard at home, and what the heck, we ought to publicly educate our children how to think instead of what to think.

(And yes, that’s one idea. Things tend to work not in their own vacuum.)

Oddly, particularly in the U.S., these things can be accomplished in concert. Thank FSM we don’t have to.

No charge, Davosnians of invitation only for a week or two.