But it sure is a lot easier to photograph him when he’s down.

Why Am I In This Thing?

Update: He is kicking my ass today. Been out about 10 times in a row without a poo. I’m like, “Dude, trust me on this one,” since he’s eaten twice today and had plenty of H20. A half-hour from his Dad’s last failure of a walk, and he’s sound asleep again. So I wait.

Update 2: And he waits me out again. Now 5:48 CST, and I’d say it’s been…8 hours? Sheesh. I keep trying to tell myself this is good news in the long run.

He’s showing me some will, which I also like.

Update 3: Nirvana! Poo, bath (not normal, very muddy here), BIG Play time, and the coup de grace, The Coming Together:

Not Bad for Night 3

(Slushy is the big gray mass in the background between my legs. He’s now in the dog’s crate, checking out the digs. I’d say he isn’t very threatened.)