I didn’t start reading blogs until 4-5 years ago, and what a whole new world it was for me. There are some terrific, funny, sensible reality-based people inhabiting this strange country of ours, and I delight in reading them, except for the horror that many of them expose, precisely to Heywood’s point. Though I’m out of the Corporate Media game now, I couldn’t help but watch the “experts” discuss things I was interested in on The Great Furniture of Learning about through early last year.

Several of my favorite bloggers specialize in humiliating and laughing at those “on the other side,” a generic term used here only for the purposes of pointing out that there are some rational Republicans (or at least conservative) who remain and make good cases, Larison, Sullivan, Frum at least 1 out 10 since he recognizes the beast he fed, etc.

I simply don’t have the stomach to wade through the misinformation and ideology, but I’m glad someone else is doing it, because it really is sort of startling to learn how much absolute factual crap is published by allegedly “reliable” sources on either side and if you don’t believe me read Bob Somerby for a couple weeks, or years like I did. (Which, interestingly, I no longer do, but only because I almost universally agree with at least the proverbial “larger” point he’s trying to make after a year or two.) And it takes time to figure that out, namely that you have to click through supporting links and actually read. Often, “think,” too. It’s work.

So what REALLY happened over the last decade in my case was exactly what Heywood is getting at, the exposure to just how many multi-million strong bands of complete fucking basket cases are out there. “Keep the government out of my Medicare!” comes immediately to mind, though the examples are legion. “Get a brain, morans” is another. The dude had to have people in his life who knew he was going to protest, or maybe were even WITH the guy, and nobody pointed out the misspelling before he got a picture taken? That’s geometric stupid.

So, this a great read. Satisfying, except for the part about when the Stupid regains power, and how I’m going to cope with it, seeing as how my only other choice is both chronically weak and politically incompetent. (I’m sure there’s a correlation there, personally, since it’s goddamn genetic to avoid weak leaders, IMHO.)

The other positive thing I’ll say about the blogosphere is that someone else can almost always put the swirling thoughts in your head down in prose so well a “Right on” is near obligatory.

21st Century soul mates? I like the old kind better, but that’s only because get off my lawn.