Thank God he admitted what everyone knew already.

You still have to hit the damn ball pretty square to get it over the fence, so I’m fairly agnostic on his legacy as a baseball player. This helps, marginally, in my respect for him as a human being, but it’s a bit late.

Ty Cobb is in. That counts for something, asshole that he was. There’s no question in my mind he deserves to be there.

Update: *sigh* To clarify, my respect for McGwire as a human being is only related–negatively–to how long it took him to ‘fess up; and, my feeling that Ty Cobb deserves to be in the HOF is my inner-9 year old (I read a LOT about baseball as a kid) and not my cynical old man-self.

Could they play baseball way better than anyone in their era? (Which I do not believe to be McGwire’s case, baseball completeness-wise.) Over at least 15 years? OK, HOF.

When human beings become public property, their private lives are a little out of bounds, IMHO.

I mean, for FSM’s sake.