I’m a Dish reader, and I’m linking this via Andrew Sullivan, one of few vocal conservatives who’ve treated Sarah Palin appropriately.

It is highly disturbing to me that this woman has a fan base of people who want her with power.

Update: Unless you know you can get her to do what you want. I’m looking at you, Vice President Cheney and Infallibly Wrong Bill Kristol.

Update: And now the inevitable has struck: She has a gig with FOX “News.” I won’t watch it, but I’ll sure pay attention to her special brand of “common sense,” which doesn’t require eddiecation or no book learnin’ when she pulls some of her special common sensin’, on the blogs. In some ways, I can’t wait. In others, it’s the end of the world.

Update 2: I’m really regretting these days not devoting my life to the con game. The “legitimate” one that Sarah plays. “Serious discourse” and all. I coulda been a contenda!