This is wonderfully smart and funny, but the thing is, see, it isn’t really parody anymore, it’s quite literally news given the incredibly embarrassing number of Americans who are with our lovely FOX correspondent on the substance of the issue allegedly being parodied (yes, yes, I know it is cut and pasted; this just makes it worse for me), and this is not a healthy sign in any macro way.

Update: Enjoying my Comedy Central TDS/TCR tonight. Brokaw, to Colbert: “…it’s the OMG Decade, and we’re still working our way through it [Ed: Yes.]. I don’t think that we fully realize…”

Colbert: “Well what happened, 9 years ago, or 10 years ago in 1999, I mean, we were the ROPE that Rome should hope to be, we had all the money, all the power; 10 years later, our country might be destroyed by ACORN. What happened in those 10 years?”

Hmmm…especially including that political and economic policies have a lag, say 1-3 years (let’s call the 00’s 2002-2008, conservatively, policy impact-wise), what could it have been in those pesky ’00’s?

It’s hard to remember who controlled every lever of policy between ’01-’05 inclusive.