I’ve been following Tiger’s press since he was about 14. While people are going to dismiss this as image-rebuilding, I see a little bit of his parent’s influence here. He had good parents. I’ve seen Earl compared to Todd Marinovich’s father, and it’s all wrong. Earl always made golf fun for Tiger.

And Mom has a bit of the Zen in her.

All that being said, he’s a moron if he’s not teeing it up at Augusta, and I think the rest of his life would be a lot easier if he said publicly something like, “I deserve to be divorced, and I’ll take care of my kids (duh) and my wife, and we’ll work on being good friends and parents, and when I’m a little less prone to chasing ‘big Tiger’ around, maybe I’ll ask her to marry me again. I wouldn’t have married her in the first place if I didn’t think she was more than the rest.”

Just sayin’.

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Update: Dear Tiger,

We’ll know one of two things if you skip the Majors, or any Major in 2010: Either your PR machine convinced you to change your stripes (I’ll be here all week) against what it (you) was that Elin married, the baddest-ass golfer on the planet, a game at that level which requires as much skill and concentration and emotional reserves few will ever understand, or she’s somehow convinced you not to golf, which wouldn’t be a tremendously good sign, IMHO, of her understanding of or love for you.

I don’t see any good outcomes in that scenario. From a PR or personal perspective.

Get a divorce, give up the dough, and be what your image holds you out to be. A pretty decent guy, single-issue notwithstanding, great father, and great ex-husband. If you liked her the most you can ask her to marry you again, under her terms. And give up EVERYTHING you have in the second-marriage pre-nup, which as your Imaginary Agent and Closest Confidante, I would advise you not to do.

Armchair Agent