…or “Happy Holidays” if you prefer, or Happy Anything You Prefer. ‘Tis the season and all.

I’ve long suspected that it was axiomatic that a person who was reasonably intelligent and paying a lot of attention should be clinically depressed, though I fight it off by being (at least in my own head) a “glass half full” kind of guy. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose.

Every time I read a GBCW (good bye cruel world) post from a blogger I am not familiar with or enjoy I feel a bit-to-lot of empathy with the blogger, since it really does take a lot of work to look up the facts, present them cleverly, and/or read the wankstrosity and come up with a funny anus-expander rejoinder, so I don’t have to.

But mostly because I can’t. The political blosophere along with the underground drug trade are the most purely “free” capitalistic markets (prostitution also being in that range) there are. One day true conservatives will acknowledge that, given their love of lack of change, oldest professions and all, for Christ’s sake, Q.E.D..

These supply-demand issues, with us for all time, are profit centers if I’ve ever seen one, and I only lost 13% in ’08, which I believe qualifies me to run Bank of America.

Quality and integrity are in very short supply on the curve of respective demand in either trade. There isn’t a lot of paperwork (as it stands, and should be forever). It’s “easy,” except for the tax dollars involved, which is, ironically, refreshingly easy when it comes to paying taxes. Since you don’t, or pay them directly to the people who are providing you services.

Seriously, where else is “Customer First” more equitably paid? Give me a better example of free market principles in action.

Happy New Year. Also.