Tebow immediately postgame, on national TV: “With respect to the outcome of tonight’s game, where was Jesus for you today, Tim?” Of course, the AL guy gave it up for the Lord for him. I’ll never stop finding that weird. I don’t see any reason for Jesus not to enjoy some good fair competition, but if anyone should be neutral, wouldn’t we want it to be Him? Even with you, Notre Dame.

An impressive AL win.

I guess I want TCU to play AL for the Big One if TX gets beat tonight, something I consider possible-to-likely.

Update: About the end of the first quarter, and it’s obvious TX should win easily. Nebraska is up 6-0.

The thing is, the ball just isn’t round, and if you knew who was going to win every time, you wouldn’t bother with the game.

NE’s QB sucks but he’s young, and may be good one day. He needs first to prove to me he can throw the ball where he wants to under low stress. So far, fail. Also.

And just before I hit “Update,” NE blocks a punt freakishly. The atmospherics still favor NE.

Except for the fact that before I hit “Update” again, NE gets intercepted on the next play. “Updated!” They have to go commercial soon!

Update 2: NE’s defense is not overrated. It would appear they have that side of the ball figured out.

Update 3: TX ball on their own 42 early-to-mid 2nd Q, they will score, and the 14-point line suddenly looks pretty good. Prediction: TX, 24, NE, 10.

Update 4: TX goes 3 and out. I’ll stick with my prediction (brave!) while they punt. The atmospherics now favor NE even more.

Update 5: Halftime. TX 7-6. I revise my prediction to 24-9. NE’s defense is good, and they don’t have to play a lot. But TX simply has more skeelz on offense.

Update 6: Great Dr. Pepper challenge. Cute winner, post-interview. But any dude or gal who has thrown a lot (anything) should go at least 8 for 10.

No, sorry. Girls throw like, well, girls. An experienced woman throwing-athlete should go at least 8-10, still.

Update 7: Second half begins. 3rd and 1. NE should throw. TO! Oops. Welcome to bad offense. Of course, now they have no excuse to fail to get 1 yard. Didn’t make it, hated the play, the bookies have another one right.

Update 8: Man, that’s good defense by NE. There’s a NE d-lineman pronounced “Soo” that is kicking the offensive line’s ass in a big way. Quick commercial prediction: NE will thrown on first down, TX will be waiting for it, and it will be incomplete if NE is lucky. Here we go:

Throw called correctly, incompletion also called correctly. Duh.

Update 9: USC should be kicked out of the top 25. Just sayin’.

Great pooch punt. Now squared.

NE’s defense is very good. But TX is playing the game to win which is smart by Mack.

8:00 minute 3rd Q update: TX should still win comfortably, after completing a bit 3rd and 16, and then McCoy goes for 8 on first down.

Still, no score, and it is anyone’s game.

Update eleventy billion: Great game! NE should at least hit a field goal here to take the lead with about a 1:20 left and give the Coltster an opportunity to put in a good word with the Heisman Committee.