Surprisingly, I had only seen it once. Way back when it came out.

There’s a lot of very sophisticated (such as it can be in a comic-book movie) good vs. evil stuff going on in it, at several levels of humanity. It’s a fine movie because of that. My favorite part of it is that I relate to the late Heath Ledger’s brilliantly conceived and executed Joker so creepily well. Except for the violence part. A smarter character could bring things down without it.

The thing about the movie in general I just don’t get is the voice of the lead, in the Batman character. Dude (Christian!), it wasn’t all that different from your Bruce Wayne voice, in fact, it was a silly caricature. There had to be a better idea.

Sure, the voice needed to be altered a bit for cinematic and disconnect-from-reality P’sOV, but IMHO it didn’t need to be taken as far as it was.

But the movie all in all is excellent and fun.