Somewhere near half this country has a stake in this, and I’ll bet all of 15% realize or care it is even happening. Kudos to The Man.

It isn’t about “choice,” it is about punishing women who have non-State sanctioned sex by putting them at higher risk of death. For Christ’s sake, look at History when it comes to women, or Religion when it comes to women, Politics when it comes to women; seriously, get an economy-sized Clue if you think women have had their proportional vote in History.

TBogg has the right reaction, here.

And a terrifically funny and Corporate-Media-if-it-got-big-enough-way to respond. Send some luvin’.

Depending on how you want to express your displeasure, here’s a negative way. Fire these fucks with your wallet.

Still think we’re not going to recover in the 20-30 years to 1-day I have left. Electing Bush The Lesser the second time was a historically short-term unforgivable mistake to make. So I make my adjustments.