…a bit of a junkie to even get this, but for this amused junkie (For politics! All right, nicotine, too.) this particular bit struck a nerve. I simply do not understand Club Membership.

I hate it when things are over-simplified, as I simultaneously try to support simplification both professionally and personally from a structural point of view. The complexity is all there because The Man needs us to be preoccupied enough with the details to the point we’re too busy to check out of the Big Picture, and not to care about what The Man is really pulling off.

Time is finite.* We just can’t ingest all the details, and The Man preys on it.

Life is complicated, except for the important stuff. I don’t think it’s a real big coincidence that most major religions by and large are on the same page when it comes to the important things in life.**

*Update: Regarding the time is finite remark, this is the space Religion Man wields His (and oh yes, it’s virtually ALL, “His”) Manhood. Religion Man tries to turn time infinite on you.

**Update 2: In principle, not behavior.