One of my guiding life-principles is that people by and large get what they deserve, random horror aside. So I’ve always been “OK” (I’m a single-payer guy) with the opt-out concept.

The Devil is in the details, of course. In other words, the public option in states that take it actually needs to popular, and, in Dreamyland, effective across the board. I’m not sure it needs to be cheap, nationally, though it does need to be inexpensive individually.

People like their loved ones alive, or repaired, and we don’t live in vacuums.

Update: Necessary caveat: The “death panel” nonsense really frosted my ass, because I have been personal witness to the involuntary nightmare of watching a loved one up close and personal be kept alive against their will at truly tremendous public expense. “Choice” my ass. None of us are going to win this race, folks, and it’s time more people know when to fold ’em. Most individuals I know feel exactly this way.