Besides thanking George W. Bush for making me glad I’m as old as I am, being the “make some lemonade” kind of guy that I am, I think I’ve found another.

The NY Times (and several other publications, to be fair) have been writing a lot of stories about how those poor, poor rich people are having to cut back. Atrios has been particularly alert to this, and they’re always funny, if one can distance one’s self from the utter horror of it all. It is about “entitlement.”

For just a whole lot of my decades-long sentient political life, I heard Republicans whining and whining to the point of boredom about poor people’s “sense of entitlement,” the “welfare mother” stuff writ large, so the Wall St. abortion has turned me into an almost Hulk-like figure should some sad person bring up “entitlement” in the context of poor people ever again, within my earshot.

Here’s kinda what I mean, in three lovely posts.




These people (Paul Sullivan) don’t have any idea where most of America resides. This is way, way off-the-reservation material.