Update: It is very, very creepy to me that a goddamn comedy show that is actually funny is the only entity outside McClatchy (who as far as I know was the only major news organization that got the WMD in Iraq thing right) that is presenting what should be fucking OBVIOUS to any sentient being.

Update 2: Pat Tillman is a personal hero of mine of the first order, and somehow oddly and very intensely represents the horror show that was the second Bush The Lesser Administration to me in a big, big way. Turning an authentic American Hero into a prop. Lying about what happened to Tillman. Thinking not just first, but foremost and ever, of the politics of it.

I hope these people don’t actually believe in the just God they claim to, just as one of the primary reasons *I* hope there’s a God is for proper eternal Justice for people who could look themselves in the fucking mirror about shit like this.