…I cannot handle zero degrees of separation from Teh Stoopid. Even one degree away is unhealthy for me. How John and the good people at S,N!, and TBogg, and Attaturk and Doug J and IOZ and Thers and hundreds of others do it is spectacularly super-human to me, I’m not kidding. Too much stupid makes me mental.

I haven’t watched any news for a month now on TV. That’s how bad I can’t take it.

The entire discourse makes me want to pick out my brain with a fork through my ears. Just dig dig dig, I figure I’ll get used to the physical pain, until the stupid doesn’t hurt me anymore.

The President addressing kids and telling them that education is important? Really? This isn’t all that complicated on some level: We elected a really likable why-can’t-we-all-get-along blackish guy for POTUS and a very large minority in this country wet their diapers. Such as it had to be, I suppose, when one looks out 50-100 years, but I don’t have that long.