I’ve noted a distinct rise in them of late, among some pretty smart people, which I know because they’re always agreeing with me. Anyway, some examples. I’ll update as I see others. Kind of interesting and creepy, really!

Thers and I are in about the same mood.

Roy takes a look at the latest horrors visited upon us by the Obama Administration. And I’m not sure if this is a step “leading to our inevitable idiocratic nadir” or not, but I believe we’re 10 years, at least, from our nadir of idiocy. Minimum.

Even Big Prize Winner Paul Krugman can feel the stupid sucking his rich famous self down into the horrors of depression.

I just see no way out before things get a lot worse, first, all things tangible and intangible considered.

Update: John Cole with an example. Money quote:

If the Republicans had majorities like the Democrats have right now, they would have abolished the IRS and the Department of Education, Bernie Madoff would be running social security, there would be an oil well in every backyard and off every inch of coast, we’d have mandatory prayer in schools, and the defense department budget would be doubled so we could have excellent adventures in Iran while we liberate Georgia from oppressive Russian rule. And we’d be doing it all with a top marginal rate of 3%.