Subject: “This Week” with George

Oh, she’ll be all saned up for national TV so folks like you and most viewers won’t know, but the fact that George booked this hate-filled, racist nutjob means I’ll never watch the show again. The “Ezra” referred to in the link is Ezra Klein, someone I’ve met twice, listened to at length twice, have read a ton of material from over years, and is my go-to health care guy. He’s forgotten more about health care policy than most people know. And is clearly a smart, sane, good dude.

Seriously, you have no idea. Read some links.

I can send you some funny ones, too, but I really thought you should know, since I know you like to watch.

This is a truly horrible human being.

Legitimizing this person on a Sunday serious show is a crime. She’s a low-rent Ann Coulter.