I had no idea who V. Part is, except that I recognize her name from some of the posts on James Wolcott’s VF blog.

She’s a ballet dancer, as it turns out (sorry, Mr. W., I stop reading when you get to the arts, generally speaking) and since I’m out here in fly-over country, and was raised in pretty rural quarters, ballet holds slightly less interest to me than soccer. (Sarah Palin and the GOP make me confused about my Ameri-uality. Always figured I qualified.)

I appreciate the art and skill in both, very much in fact, but neither captures my heart.

So, because of this post, I wandered over and watched the charming and lovely Veronika Part on the Letterman show, and I can see why Mr. Wolcott is (hilariously, self-awarely, artistically) smitten. Veronika was quite charming, indeed, and it was fun to watch Dave sense the need for a gentle touch.

Just a lovely little blog post. I’m now a V. Part fan.