Sling Blade, for which B.B. Thornton will never lose my respect completely pretty much no matter what he does from here on in. It’s an amazing movie, and amazing performance. I have free PPV this month, and caught it for the second or third time, first in many years, and just thought, “Boy, that’s a good movie.”

(Side note: The first time I ever “saw” it, it was VCRVille, and all that was working was audio. While I was trying to fix the video, I first heard B.B.T.’s voice of Carl. I wound up listening to the whole thing. That was my first “view” of the movie.

To see what a good actor BBT is, watch Sling Blade and Bandits back to back.

And a shout out to Dwight Yoakam for playing someone we’ve all met, to perfection, in Sling Blade.