It seems most people would wonder about this from time to time, regardless of marital status.

I know I’m against “settling” for a spouse/SO, but the definition changes over time. For many years, I would “settle” for no less than Cupid’s-arrow-full-blown intoxicating romantic love, since I’d had a taste.

Then I got older and wiser, saw that form enduring was a very rare thing, indeed, and now I suppose I would settle for a nice woman who didn’t much care what I did, thought, or said, loved me anyway (and I her), and had lots of cash. I mean, who doesn’t settle? ONE person is going to do it for you, forever? I don’t think so.

So things change over time. But being alone, at least in my context of having lots of folks to love, is not the worst thing in the world.

Update: What do you know. Amanda, tackling the same subject, with far more eloquence and smarts than I ever could. She even references one of my Personal Gospels, Against Love, by Laura Kipnis, a classic in the brilliant polemicist’s art. Funny, smart, and true.