…on Hardball, this jumped out at me. Molinari, apparently taking the new GOP talking points out for a test drive, says something along the lines of she (Sotomayor) has a very wonderful and American story that we should celebrate, which doesn’t mean we can’t ask her some very tough questions, to which Tancredo grunts reluctant agreement.

Which brought to mind what those questions might be: “Are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Mexican race?” Tancredo, livid for much of the segment, was just a great spokesperson for the nutjobs, who in fairness ought to be given more air time.

It’s spectacular. I can’t believe how Pavlovian the GOP response has been. Beyond stupid, politically, beyond stupid, humanely.

Update: Dear GOP, Sonia Sotomayor has been a judge for about a zillion years, relative to her peers. There’s got to be something out there in all those decisions that will make me sympathetic. Find one. Then I’ll listen. Honest.

Update 2: In Susan Molinari’s defense, she may not have been parroting GOP talking points. She may have been sincere, and kudos to her if she was. She’s a Republican woman, by definition in a tough spot.