…on one Erick Erickson of the prominent conservative blog, Red State.

I remain in a years-long state of awestruck wonder at some of my favorite bloggers’ ability to wander around in the dungeons of Greater Wingnuttia, but FSM bless them for it. I’m convinced the open, free dialogue is a net positive in the long run. I just have no ability or desire to do it myself. For me, probing the depths of racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and downright stupidity requires resolve of spectacular proportions, a good soldier’s willingness to sacrifice for me.

So, Erick, a blogger of many readers (which is a big part of my horror at reading them, they have Audience), posts this gem. I think it is about the GOP’s current identity crisis and chronic purging of anyone who deviates from the Truth, but I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Fortunately, some real whiz-kids of fortitude and humor have powers that far exceed my own. All of these gave me great joy.

The ever-funny Thers takes his shot, and closes with a typically hilarious flourish.

The geniuses at Sadly, No! have a slightly different take, a little more inside-baseball, but one that I also found wonderfully amusing, since I’m all “inside” and everything.

Atrios, as is his wont, posts a perfectly pithy link to Roy over at aliculblog, who throws in some bonus wingnutilosophy from the ever-sane Ace ‘O Spades as frosting on a very funny cake of a post.

Need something more urbane, more, if I may, classy (no offense to the previous mentions) to satisfy your needs for ridicule? Always read Wolcott. To be fair to Erick, Wolcott doesn’t even mention him, but instead takes the high road and effortlessly and seamlessly the low road by linking respected Wingnut publications and some serious blogging psychosis (Can’t someone figure out a way to harness the energy created by Buckley and Goldwater spinning in their graves? Energy problem: Solved!), being the great writer that Mr. Wolcott is.

It’s never comfortable to watch slow death in progress. I’m pretty sure there will always be a “far right” on the political spectrum, but I’m positive it isn’t going to be afraid of Ivy League educated Puerto Ricans (“Mexicans,” in the current intellectual genius incarnation of the Right), gay people, or people of a different faith in a time not too far off.

Indeed, it seems self-evident that the process has already started, and the far right is in various stages of denial and grief. I don’t imagine most of the folks in the GOP base will ever get to acceptance, at least until they are Raptured up to the Sky for their Great Exit Interview with Jesus, and are shown the light when Jesus or a surrogate tells them torture isn’t cool.

I mistrust unfettered power. “Beware The Man” and all. I have some traditionally conservative principles, like not starting wars of choice on false pretenses, fiscal responsibility, and the government leaving me the fuck alone when it comes to clearly personal decisions that have little-to-no bearing on the public good.

Maybe one day I’ll see a conservative consistently adhere to these principles. My grandfather was one.

He’s dead. And it was slow, and uncomfortable.

Ridicule is a very underrated form of political discourse.