Don’t know much about her, but two things worry me right out of the box.

One, she could have C. Thomas Syndrome, which goes along the lines of, “I made it through with nothing, why can’t they?” (In Thomas’ case, ignoring all the court cases that made his Supreme Court position possible.)

The other has to do with my personal and professional background. I had a beloved grandfather I lived with for years who was a very brittle diabetic, and both he and I were life underwriters, meaning we tried to decide based on mortality experience how long you were going to live when you applied for life insurance. When I found out the nominee is a juvenile diabetic I was shocked, frankly. Unless Judge Sotomayor is as disciplined as my grandfather was, unlikely but possible, about controlling her disease, she’s very near the end of her expected life-span. (Adding the caveat that individual circumstances are meaningless in the context of large numbers, i.e., some people smoke, drink, and couch their way to long and relatively healthy lives.)

I wonder if Obama is too young, his staff too uninformed about non-political things, to blow off vetting the poor woman physically. There are any number of medical tests I would’ve put her through before choosing her.

Juvenile diabetes is not to be fooled with. She’s obviously no dummy, but I can tell you from painful experience that the rote self-care required to maintain your physical health with early-onset diabetes is somewhat otherworldly.

My grandfather was the second most disciplined person I’ve ever known (lost by a nose at the wire). Controlling his diabetes was work, all by itself. Near full-time. And it didn’t always go well, even with all his knowledge (much more about DM than your average Endocrinologist, in my informed opinion) and monitoring. He was never insurable. He lived until 77, his exact mortality-predicted age, if he was healthy.

It still makes me laugh how much money the insurers would’ve made off him had they been able to make him a life insurance offer.

Update: Whaddaya know, they did check out S.S’s health. It was that “A1C” number I was interested in, but one of the only straight reporters left I have respect for, Karen Tumulty of TIME, has more. In this semi-professional opinion, there’s good evidence the nominee is taking extremely good care of herself.