Every time I see the torture apologists on the Great Furniture of Learning endlessly babble on in repetitive theoretical language used by, to be fair, either side, I always wonder why the argument isn’t just ended, you know, with a simple request to the “pro-torture” sadists/bedwetters.

“Look, we don’t need to argue about this: Undergo some water-boarding, and if you aren’t made to say something we know to be not only antipathy to absolutely everything you publicly claim to believe like, ‘water-boarding isn’t torture,’ but a blatant factual lie, like, say, ‘The sun rises in the west’ for example, then if you hold out, [I’ll] concede water-boarding isn’t torture. Or you fold, and concede that it is. To make it more fun, we can try to make you say that last bit while you’re being water-boarded, so we’ll have fodder for filling TV time later: Did you say it was torture because you were being water-boarded, or because you (now) believe it is?”

(Hint: This is how Overton Windows are moved.)

Call it the OlbermannVentura gambit.

Christ, it’s sickening to watch. Not only that, it has become so boring to me I just turn the channel. Take that, advertisers!

Cut to the fucking chase, talk about something else, or shut your pie-holes.