Something other than this.

Probably the first thing on the ol’ priority list: Take the asylum back from the lunatics?

What do I know? I’m just a regular citizen who wants an intelligent, fact based political environment with two (actually I would prefer at least three) reasonably sane, honorable political parties. That means the Republicans are going to have to engage in what some of us like to call, “reality.”

Right now it would be interesting to see the math on Republicans who believe in science and education in general, think war is sort of a bad idea, the Earth maybe more than 6000 years old, don’t fear non-whitey, don’t wet their beds every time they see one or hear about one or more arrested for being retarded basket cases, not worried about teh Ghey menace, interested in letting women be in charge of their own bodies, et al, should these fossils decide to break off.

Won’t happen, but would be interesting to see.