Why I’m not a Democrat, part 10 zillion. 90 to fucking 6?

So the question pretty much boils down to one of two conclusions: Our captured “terrorists” (we should probably keep in mind that some of these people are innocent. Always read Digby, Einsteins.) have Superpowers, thus are able to break out of our harshest prisons by morphing themselves into clouds and drifting over the fences, impervious to the bullets.

The other one is maybe this: We don’t want to expose ourselves to more embarrassment via our pristine and deified justice system (OJ!) when some of these folks are able to prove themselves innocent against the non-existent charges.

I’ll admit it: Being imprisoned for something I didn’t do, or even just thought, is more or less fetish-horror-porn to me. My worst nightmare.

Update: A clever third possibility is that Obama is orchestrating this to shore up his cred on the Right. I will not put this kind of thing past him ever again. He’s smarter than I am, and I like it. Bush was not, and I hated it. This has nothing to do with Party.