This is a start. Crazy-talk in some worlds, but hey, relative to The Stoopid the GOP has become, you take what you can get:

1: Even *I* (a person who thinks personal substance intake prohibition as a political concept is moronic) don’t think legalizing what-some-people-consider-bad drugs across the board is a good idea, except in UtopiaLand, which I occupy from time to time for the sake of discussion. However, this is a perfect case to use the petri dish of Federalism to find out what works and what doesn’t. It takes a truly ignorant, uninformed human being to think MJ is more dangerous than alcohol. Ask a few cops if you don’t believe me. I have quite a few in the family. A smart start would be the Feds getting out of the MJ business.

2. Duh. I can’t see how anything related to “freedom” matches up with the government being in the marriage business. Period, end of story.

3. Right on. But good luck with it. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this is a fine idea unless my $500K net worth is worthy of failing a means test. Somehow, it has to be phased in, or it is completely, utterly politically unrealistic.

4. Blah, blah, blah. Sometimes it is smart to go into debt, for both individuals and governments. A useless and inane argument is made here, though in the author’s defense, he didn’t go into a lot of specifics. I could live with it under some conditions where borrowing or going into short to mid-range debt wasn’t considered, well, you know, “against the law.”

5. While I think global warming is verifiable reality, and that humans dumping millions of tons of toxins into the atmosphere is not helping, count me among those who are quite skeptical about our ability to alter the infinite stupidity and procrastination of the human race. I suspect the horses are already running around in the field, as it were. This is an example of why I’m objectively pro-death, at least naturally occurring, and had great hopes for swine flu. Plagues are very democratic and non-partisan.

Still, it’s a start. Good luck to the author.