The “debate” is starting to be entirely irritating and tiring to me.

Think of all the problems we could solve, including the primary one about whether or not waterboarding is torture, if we just waterboarded everyone who supported it.

Secondary benefits are legion. Supreme Court nominee with vague answers to litmus test questions? Waterboard! Evasive answers by anyone under oath? Off to the board! Police-suspect disputes? 45 degrees and some water down your neck, baby!

Bill Kristol, Dick Cheney, any number of torture enthusiasts? (I’m looking at you, Ron Christie, since you’re not even an effective shill.) Let’s just waterboard them because. They’re not concerned about it, clearly, so why should we be?

The debate would be over soon either way. Why not? Let’s not be hypocritical about it. If it is going to be or should be “policy,” in some people’s pussified souls, we should make it policy (at least for those who think waterboarding is peachy) and move the fuck on.

My FSM, we’re going to paying for the Bush Administration for decades. The Stoopid (and pathetically cowardly) is pandemic.

Update: Yes, it is a bad, bad world out there. The trick is to not make it badder.