Wolcott, fun and funny and really smart, as usual.

John Cole, seemingly a bit pissed off today, FSM bless his converted Republican soul. At least John can be comforted that said soul is not rotting, unlike so many of his former brethren.

For a change of pace, another entry in the Who Could’ve Predicted? category, and some laughs, the latest in the Dept. of Oops from Maggie Gallagher and her genius NOMs, courtesy the wonderful and brilliant TBogg. I can’t believe Ms. California accepted welfare to make her boobies more pageant worthy, nor can I believe she’s such a family values supporter she had to skank out in some photos, which for the record, I don’t think she’s a skank for the photos, but she sure will blow someone (metaphorically, of course) for some publicity, which is sorta skanky. IMHO.

There is one overriding benefit to the digital age, underestimated, and that is our ability to expose hypocrisy when it rears its ugly head. I don’t care who you are, or what you believe, being an American and all. But I sure do expect you to be consistent about whatever it is.

Count me as cautiously optimistic, assuming The Man doesn’t regulate the intertoobz.

I believe the Dems are a bit ahead of the GOP on the curve of intellectual and moral consistency.

Except, ubiquitously, when it comes to their money.