…just before bedtime.

Ran into 20 seconds of A.B. Stoddard and Laura Ingraham. On FOX, for God’s sake. It was the proverbial “close” in the segment, so it wasn’t hard to get the point.

Laura I. is a cunt, and I use the term loosely in her case, since Mzzz. Ingraham is an insult to cunts, the literal version of which I’m quite fond of and treat with the utmost respect. Literally.

I can’t wait for Laura and Ann to get old(er) and less TV-appealing. It won’t be long. Annie C. is already seeming to occupy a bit less of my political junkie viewing time than she used to. That being said, I have to credit her for being widely published and apparently read on the prestigious Intertoobz.

Taste. There’s just no accounting for it. Which is as it should be.