The Bulls-Celtics series has been extremely fun for us hoops fans. We are now in the third OT in the sixth game in a 7 OT series. (I think.)

The Celtics are without their ringer, Garnett, but the absence of Deng is highly underrated for the Bulls. The zebras, the worst collective group of zebras in professional sports, are torturing me. But the Bulls, like the Blackhawks, are young and getting better. Life is good as a Chicago sports fan.

We just want our teams to play hard, and both do. Both teams not only do that, but are fast and fun and young.

Don’t care who wins, really. Too old. But it is fun to watch them compete.

Update: Noah gets a break, and the fucking zebras give him the foul. Horseshit. This is what I like to call, “the NBA momentum phantom foul call,” and even though there was contact, it was not worth a call.

Update 2: Bulls win. Celtics win Game 7 at home, but it could be a nail biter, and one never knows in competitive athletics.