This is funny. Brooks famously (to us political junkies, anyway) was somewhat taken aback by our First Lady’s periodic, or as per Brooks, apparently constant display of her own arms (!), which Brooks named “Thunder and Lightening.

At least according to Maureen Dowd, a Serious Person if there ever was one.

I’ll check around, but I doubt one of our King Villagers will respond to the questions. He’s clearly emasculated.

What’s most telling is that every dude I know under the age of 40 is not in the least threatened by a buffed female body; quite the contrary.

And some of us over 50 even find it appealing, not just on a physical level, but on an emotional, spiritual and intellectual level. Michelle is a sexy woman, and her arms are only a symptom of her appeal. I’m sorry that Dave can’t see it, or is somehow reduced by it.