Where to begin?

All right, I’ll try to take it slow. Specter will be a shitty Democrat, at least at this particular point in our history. He just can’t help it. He loves his position more than his party or his country. I personally would like a strong Dem primary challenge against him, just to make him sweat and push him to the left, and because it would be entertaining. (Yes, I’m petty and small that way.)

OTOH, the sweat oozing from the GOP’s leadership is just so damn funny it arouses me in the same way Michelle Malkin is aroused by the idea of torturing Mexcans. Purely progressive, puerile and largely punitive fun.

Count me in as among those that don’t see much but symbolic change. Yes, Arlen’s defection is a pretty damaging sign for what I like to call sane conservatives, who’ve many principles I support, including fiscal discipline (like Clinton had), English as the national language (language being the glue that holds us together), small government, as in ending or at least changing the WOD, leaving people to marry whom they want, getting warrants to listen to or read us, right to die, personal control over our own bodies, a pragmatic and cautious foreign poliy–wait, those only USED to be conservative small government conservative principles, back when there was SOME strain of libertarianism in the GOP ethic–in total, I’m a fiscal conservative and socially libertarian political type. For that, you need some sensible and articulate conservatives in the debate, since we’re stuck with what Jon Stewart called the “bichromatic rainbow” of American political choices.

Now, if the Dems can peel off one more, or seat Franken before his term is up, we’ll see some great stuff, at least if you’re a political junkie, which more people should be.

This stuff matters.

Update: Seriously. Your modern GOP. Votes, schmotes! It is principle that matters! That’s what people who fly planes full of people into buildings GET, morans!