mistaking poll results as static things, or even moral/democratic/Constitutional things, much like poll results would’ve to ideologues like Maggie shown the majority opinion about interracial marriage, women as “not property,” or black people in the military, or *gasp* a woman’s right to vote at various times in the evolution of each social transition. Maggie would apparently think those poll results validated her bigotry.

Why she has a job spouting opinion makes me skeptical of competent (see? almost used “coherent”) writers.

Maggie must really want to eat some pussy, or maybe have hers eaten, finally. I can’t find any other rational explanation for her fear of teh ghey, for surely in her social circles she knows a few of the dreaded minority who wants to ruin it all for the rest of us. And if there is anything the last 8 years have taught me, it is that the louder you scream about teh ghey menace, the more likely it is you have gay tendencies.

I just plain don’t get virulent opposition to gay marriage under the principles of limited government, freedom for all, and the pursuit of liberty and happiness outside the government’s control.

Me, I wish the government would get out of the marriage business. That’s called, “a position in favor of smaller government.”

Update: Some ancient and relevant poll results to establish my point, which is, of course, central to my argument.

Update 2: Fight, fight, against the dying of the light, Maggie! We need you.