Yeah, sure. Conceptually and demographically, I suppose, but I can’t be the only one who doubts Jesus would have approved of this stuff. And I’m no Bible scholar, but I would pretty much bet the ranch and kids that Jesus wouldn’t have participated.


Yuck squared.

Your country, ’tis of thee.

And for the record, I am honestly not naive enough to believe we’re any different than any other The Man throughout all of history, and that individual circumstances may require some extraordinary methods. I just don’t think you should make it public policy, or especially make it public policy when you’re not telling your represented public what you’re doing.

Plus, just out of personal experience, I can confirm beyond a reasonable doubt that if people like (or at least don’t think are palpably enjoying torturing) you, they’ll be more honest and forthright with you.

They (the policy authors) will all get off easy. I hope that my vision of life after death is closer to reality than their publicly pronounced one, all Jesusy, for the perpetrators’ sake, because if they’re right, they’re in for one long interview with St. Peter.

And I’m sure as hell not talking about the people who carried out their orders, either.