Had a vacation. Checked out of the End Times Watch almost entirely. Very tempting to never watch news again, believe me.

While I was gone, I caught a whiff of this, which I found sort of remarkable on several levels, and because I’d been engaging in similar debates with some pals who actually think the Jake DeSantis‘ of the world are sympathetic figures.

So I couldn’t help but link some funny stuff I saw in response to…whatever it was that DeSantis was trying to accomplish in his twisted and comically and painfully un-self aware Galtian response to how he had been treated by various parties to his company’s (AIG) malignant and destructive international clusterfuck. He appears to be mad, even, at AIG!

The Rude Pundit gets my visceral response perfectly.

Matt Taibbi, who wrote a wonderful piece for Rolling Stone about the whole AIG mess, has much more urbane but only slightly less funny take.

Even those crazy hippies at Business Week appeared a bit taken aback.

Uh, Jake? You need to spend some time back here on planet Earth. It will do you some good.